jQuery Booklet Sample - Control functions

By using the direct Booklet() functions, you can manipulate your booklet in many ways.

YAY! YAY! This is the Cover Page.


This is a Sample Book

Hope you like it.


Yay, Page 1!

A webpage could be put here. Or so many other things...

Links to other websites like my comments site

I think anything you can put online, you can put here.


This is the Power of HTML5.

Please see the examples of possible content on the other pages...


Yay, to Page 2!

This is an example of a see through page


Text on the front and next page

can be seen but what about pictures?

Pictures are also visible

And you can put watermarks and such.


I've inverted the picture in the next

page so that you can see it


Although there is some magic here...


Yay, to Page 4!


Yay, to Page 5!





Yay, to Page 6!


YAY! YAY! My back cover page !






This is a Sample Book

By MangaMERiC

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