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Welcome! to My Personal Site!


This website is perpetually under construction. Content usually changes every now and then.

I am a Jack-of-all-trades Programmer/Analyst. I offer a variety of services. Creating calling card designs, posters, logos, websites, scripts, batch programs, small GIF animations, Simple flash files, edit pictures, create layouts, edit music files, repair simple electronics/machines, etc. I can also cook, clean, and generally take care of myself. ;p I can do accounting, tax related documents, Administrative work, research, technical writing, re-writing,and so much more. I can create website designs and simple stand-alone 3rd party programs/scripts. I can work well with groups and am generally a happy person.

Feel free to donate if you like my work and contact me. I hope I can provide some useful information and/or help you out! When you are satisfied or are feeling charitable, please click the donate link on my site.



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 Please feel free to browse my site or click the suggested links to other sites. They are all good sites i use myself. :) God Bless us all!