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Accomplished Projects

Cali86 - Computer Assembly Language Illustrator x86

Software tool to help teach Computer Assembly Language that uses the x86 architecture.

The software illustrates how the data is processed in the registers, alu, and memory. Each assembly instruction is visualized on screen. Please note that the diagrams only apply to the x86 architecture.

The program can fit in a CD and includes a users manual. The stand-alone program fits in a single 3MB disk. If you would like a copy, Please feel free to e-mail me.


VBscripts for MsOffice

HTML address Text Parser

I've created multiple versions of this text parser but basically this script parses text and searches for all "HTTP:" strings within certain limits and stores them for easy access/reference.

I've updated this script so that some links are discarded if they do not match certain criteria.

Made for personal use only. Uses native MsWord macros.


Calendar Creation Script

This vb script creates an accurate Gregorian calendar from -999999999BC to 999999999 AD. Output is saved in a comma delimited format compatible with MsExcel.

Has a tool that show what day of the week a future date is. It is a simple and cheap calendar solution. Current computers have limitations on viewing calendars. One particular limitation allows only 20th century calendars to be displayed. This code can be adapted to a javaScript to make a Calendar Plugin.


Columns to Rows Script

This macro manipulates data from an Excel sheet. It moves data from a column and displays it in rows instead.

It has very limited applications at the moment but I plan to extend its functionality so that it can format data in a variety of ways.



jQuery Sample Flipbook

Using open-source javaScript files, I created a sample flipbook. I am currently experimenting with jQuery, javaScript, and other implementations of flipbooks.

I made it for personal use. *It still has some bugs* but i'm slowly learning the language.

Click this to view



javaScript Sample Calendar

My own personal Calendar. It has some trouble with negative dates(years) but don't most progams like these do? I didn't put limitations on the year though.


Freelancer Mail to Windows Command Script tool Version 1.6.8 (FM2CMD v1.6.8)

This is the commercial version of my Freelancer e-mail tool. It uses as input HTML~HTML5 text (or any source code) and output's a windows nt script that automatically loads HTTP and HTTPS links on your web browser in batches of 10-50 (depending on your preference). It also has a additional handy features: (1) It allows users to add Word filters so that the tool only outputs prefered or useful internet links and discards useless ones (if you are a freelancer using any of the online freelance websites, this tool is a KEEPER! i tell you). (2) Users can select the kind of delimiters to search those HTTP or HTTPS links(i have included the "white space" or " " as a delimiter but i found an error when users put a period/"." at the end of the link, it also includes it, making the link invalid.). The fact that a number of delimiters can be used makes this software tool useful in many different ways. ;p. (3) It has a facility that deletes all duplicate links and displays the links in a LAST IN FIRST OUT order (the latest e-mails or the newest information will be displayed first. Just remember to load old mails first and load new mails last).

Decided to remove security pluggin for the software and allow Freelancers unlimited use of the program. Hope that helps you. The program doesn't look to be commercial grade but it works... and is useful.

Freelancers can buy the software using a one time payment.


BUG ON WINDOWS XP COMPUTERS HAS BEEN FOUND AND FIXED. The tool is now stable in Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7. Instaler package doesn't work properly so you only need to extract the tool to your computer. The tool is stand-alone and only works on x86 systems. If you wish to buy it, please contact me or click "Buy Now". If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me.^___^


Link to Browser tool Version 1.6.8 (FM2CMD v1.6.8)

This is the Private version of my Freelancer e-mail tool. It is basically the same as the one above, only I did not include the Activation/Security feature and the Installer Package. I have tested the new build on Windows XP and Windows 7. It should now work for all Windows operating system builds.


Thalia Manila (Completed!)

This is the Online Shop I built with the help of Michael Balcos (the Chief Site Administrator) and Thalia Javier (the Owner/Clothes Designer). I used Wordpress as the base backend, while Michael provided and setup: the MySQL database, SSL, and Hosting. Thalia provided all the content and designs. I then customized the site until it fit Thalia's specifications. Since her domain went down, I made an image of it for demo purposes... Take a look at her site here


Detailed Real World Study of ForEx Investments VS Bank Deposits (*Shelved Indefinitely*)

A real world four(4) month study and comparison of Foreign Exchange Investments/Trading VS Bank Deposits/Savings using REAL MONEY in the Philippine setting.


Gaia Shopfront: My Online General Merchandise Shop

Since I don't like Sulit and I would like to sell any sort of item... This site has been born.


Always Changing. Never the Same.

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